Ergodomi S.A.


We build your dreams since 1983!


Ergodomi S.A. is a company engaged in the project planning, project construction, building materials and tourism. Ergodomi S.A. was founded in 1983 in Naoussa, the company HQ and operations are based here up to this date. By completing more than 250 public and private sector projects in the history of the corporation, our name has become synonymous with high quality and reliability.

The firm employs over 250 people, of which 150 are permanent staff. The corporate policy for constant equipment modernization drives new investments, in particular to mechanical equipment.


Our goal is to constantly improve the project, as well as, the service quality with respect to customer and the environment.


Ergodomi places great emphasis on the field of safety. Modern technology, new materials and construction methods allow us to build structures of the highest standards and environmental consideration.









ERGODOMI S.A. was founded on 7/4/1983 in Naoussa by a group of local engineers. The statute was published in the same year.


ERGODOMI S.A. erects the first concrete plant in Naoussa.


ERGODOMI S.A. completes the "ANTHEMUS SEA" resort hotel complex.


ERGODOMI S.A. acquires and merges with "VEROIA CONCRETE S.A.".


ERGODOMI S.A. obtains 5th class contractors certificate.


ERGODOMI S.A. establishes a new quarry plant in the Ntormani region of Veroia.


ERGODOMI S.A. establishes "Techniki Imathias S.A. ", operating with a 2nd class contractors certificate.


ERGODOMI S.A. completes the expansion of the hotel complex "ANTHEMUS SEA".

Projects Planning & Constuction

ERGODOMI SA is involved in project planning as well as project construction since 1983. With more than a quarter of a century of experience, ERGODOMI S.A. has completed over 350 high quality projects, for both public and private sector, with a high degree of consistency.

Building Materials

ERGODOMI S.A. in collaboration with VEROIA CONCRETE S.A. engages in parallel with the production and marketing of various concrete types. The firm operates three Concrete plants in total, reaching a maximum capacity of more than 400 m3/hour.

Tourism Industry

ERGODOMI S.A. has built and operates a 5 star luxurious hotel complex called "Anthemus Sea - Beach Hotel & Spa" in Sithonia, Chalkidiki.