Project planning & Construction

ERGODOMI SA is involved in project planning as well as project construction since 1983. With more than a quarter of a century of experience, ERGODOMI S.A. has completed over 250 high quality projects, for both public and private sector, (Industrial, Highway, Sanitary, Energy, Electricomechanical etc.) with a high degree of consistency. Furthermore ERGODOMI S.A. has undertaken a large number of project planning reports.

Our mission statement comprises the following: high quality, speedy construction times and seamless integration. This is achieved by the continuous renewal of the equipment, constant updating on new technologies and market challenges and by exchanging expertise and knowledge among company executives.

ERGODOMI S.A. employs engineers of every speciality with extensive experience and highly skilled teams of workers, craftsmen equipped with specialized machinery, enabling them to handle any mission. Our firm is licensed under 5th class contractor’s certification in the Register of Contractors and is able to plan and construct public works..



Our company has the ability to produce a very wide variety of products of excellent quality that can meet every need.


We have fully trained workshops for the construction of buildings. We have experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities consisting of offices.

We insist on maintaining our prestige at a high level by citing a few examples.

Project planning & Construction

Building Design Studies

When we say studies we mean the number of studies required to complete a project. These studies are architecture, environment, static, electrical, hydraulic, cooling - heating, passive - energy fire protection and energy. All of them are interconnected.

Constructions of Building

Ergodomi, we undertake, in addition to the study, the construction of building projects individually. The customer does not need to deal with anything, saving effort, time, confusion and stress that arise through the construction process.

Design - Construction of Building Works

The best way to carry out a project is to choose us to provide you with the "Design - Construction" package. The advantages are many. But mainly because preparing the study, we have a better understanding of the construction of the project. We know the problems that need to be addressed that often exist due to design constraints, due to the needs and requirements of customers or due to urban planning provisions.